GuitarTeX2 konvertiert eine Datei mit Text und Akkorden im Chord-Format in eine LaTeX-Datei. Ein Beispiel für eine Chord-Datei:

{title: The Manual Song}
{subtitle: No-one has yet claimed responsibility}

[D]I print verses [A7]in a [D]row,
The next line gets put [A7]down be[D]low,
Mumble mumble [A7]rhymes with [D]grow [G] [G#] [A]
Done this verse, now [A7sus4]on we [quietly]go!

[D]This is the [Bm]manual song
[A7]No-one really knows what’s [D]goin’ on
[D]This is the [F#m]manual song
[A7]And now the chorus is already [D]gone

[D]The second verse is [A7]like the [D]first,
The music poor, the [A7]verse is [D]worse,
I wrote this since [A7]I’d get [D]used,
If I used real songs. [A7]This’ll [D]do.

{c:repeat chorus}

So würde die konvertierte PDF-Datei aussehen: